Help For Friends And Family Of People Who Self Harm

Hi, so I made this video to help the family and friends of people who self harm. I hope it helps.

Here are some helpful links and websites


Mind’s Self Harm Page 

Claudia Boylen’s Youtube Channel (she discusses mental health in some of her videos) 


Off The Record (Mental health help for LGBT young people) 


Need help with WordPress mistakes and stuff ….


So … my inner monologue is going ‘thought you had the basics of wordpress down didn’t you. Feeling pretty damn pleased with yourself weren’t you. HAHA SUCKS TO BE YOU!’ My inner monologue is kind of a dick.

So yes I need some help.

My big problem is that the other blog I man is called http://imusthavethatnow.wordpress.com/

When I first made it, because I was tired or dyslexic or something I accidentally wrote ‘imusthavehavethatnow’

I change it to its current name,  and the home page comes up with the correct address when it first loads. Then you navigate away, and you say click on ‘welcome’. Then click back onto the homepage. It tries to take you back to the domain name i deleted.

Now I gather this is a problem to do with the site url and the home page url not matching, which you have to edit manually. Which I have no idea how to do. I’ve read this http://codex.wordpress.org/Changing_The_Site_URL  it makes no sense to me, i dont know how to access those areas, i downloaded the wordpress.org software which is just a load of unusable files.

So please please help if you can.