Rhisify. Doing stuff. Actress, Musician, Writer, LARP-er, TV Watcher. Twat.

This blog is a mixture of things. It’s a superficial diary, it’s my thoughts on writing, it’s some of my own writing, it’s necessary to pass my degree (the Activism stuff). It’s stuff. It’s stuff I would like to get out there and am excited to share.

Have Pride In Your Body is my Facebook page, that will be pretty separate  to this, but I thought I would link anyway incase it was of interest.

I am rather dyslexic so feel free to feedback about my spelling but please do it politely. Also i’m really not a fan of people who point out bad spelling as a way of invalidating others arguments or points of view. Unless of course they are about spelling ….

My interest include but are not limited to –

Films (Generic I know)

South Park

My Little Pony Friendship is magic


Dr Who





Feminist/Gay Activism


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