LUSH Make Up (and other general bits) For Non-Binary, Androgynous or Gender Non Conforming People


I have been thinking for a few weeks about the make up  I use when I don’t want to look to ‘made up’ but still want my skin to look nice and thought I would share it for those interested. Two disclaimers –

ONE – I work at Lush. I don’t mean to sound like I’m advertising them or anything, but Lush is what I use, so that’s what I know to recommend. Some of the stuff on this list can be bought from other shops (such as face masks), some are unique to Lush. But for the purposes of this article I’m referring to Lush because that’s what I know and can guarantee.

TWO – You should not feel like you need to do any of this. If your non-binary and you like rocking a full face of make up or none at all, thats totally cool. This is for you to use as you like and I would hate to tell anyone how to express themselves.

So lets get going.

I really like my skin to look good and taken care of. I normally wear very thick foundation from stargazer but it’s very much the ‘you look like your wearing make up’ look. And some days thats not right for me. So I started by trying to make my skin look lovely so I could wear no make up if I choose.

No Make Up Look 

I had a bit of a break out so I used a face mask and then about 3 days later did another. I used BB Seaweed and Cupcake but which face mask you should use really depends on what you have going on with your skin. After a few days of this plus a Full of Grace, Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise, things were much better. Again, in terms of the skin products you use, it just depends on your skin. I hate going out with spots full on display but I didn’t want to cake foundation over them.

Light Make Up Look

I find Lush colour supplements very light and natural, which is what I want when trying to achieve an even skin tone but nothing to over the top. I use Light Pink because my proffered skin tone is ‘pale as possible’. They have a range of colours and it goes on like a light  cream.

I then add a bit of Charisma Skin Tint, to give my face a bit of colour to it after washing it out. I’ve never like blusher or bronzer, I always feel I look a bit like a doll with round cheek circles after I use it. Charisma blends in nicely, and I don’t feel to pale, but I don’t feel self conscious either.

I finish off with Emotional Brilliance Face Powder. It covers my face nicely, and makes me feel like everything is set in. Some days if my no make up is not quite right but I don’t want to use this much, I’ll use it by its self.

Instead of lip stick I use Lip Scrub (Bubblegum is my fav!). It stops my lips looking pale in comparison to the rest of my face, and plumps them out a bit. This is a big recommendation from me. I find lip stick tricky and scrub kind of by passes all of that.

Hair Care 

If you have short hair but want to do nice things with it I really recommend Mr Dandy’s Hair Candy, and Hair Custard. I use Mr Dandy’s to mould my hair how I want it, then Hair Custard to keep it there and add a really good smell! I have found myself looking in the mirror thinking ‘why does my hair look rubbish?’ then realising I haven’t put my products in it yet.

Aromaco (Solid Deodorant)

Since coming out as non-binary deodorant has caused me more trouble than I would have imaged. I’ve like Lynx but I find it’s marketing and associations problematic, and I don’t want to smell to flowery, I like the musk edge on men’s deodorant. Buying it really sucks as well, when you go into a shop everything is arranged in a really gendered way. I gave Aromaco a try and I’m super happy with it, the smell is quite light and neutral and the block is lasting a really long time. Its solid which means I don’t feel wet after using it or like its going to seep through onto my clothes. It’s also easy to put on if you already put your clothes on and forgot to use deodorant first (which I do all the time).

Shopping At Lush 

I mentioned above that shopping can get awkward. At Lush nothing is gendered. Sure products are bright pink and flowery but nothing says it’s ‘for women’. There is a beard and facial wash but it’s not in a men’s section and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a facial wash. I especially love this in regards to the perfume.

Story Time. I stayed in Bristol in the summer overnight, but hadn’t planned to (this was before I worked at Lush). I was going to a group where we talked about trans stuff that day (I had never done anything like that before) and got some clean clothes from Primark and went into Lush to give myself a spray of some thing so I didn’t smell of hostel and sweat. I had used Dirty styling cream before so I kind of knew the smell. I sprayed myself with the Dirty perfume, and as the day went on I realised I felt like me, I looked like me, and I smelt like me. I was 100% me, no compromises and that felt great.

Photo on 15-02-2016 at 16.05




2 thoughts on “LUSH Make Up (and other general bits) For Non-Binary, Androgynous or Gender Non Conforming People

  1. I might have to try some of these things out- especially the lip scrub. Sometimes (especially if I’m feeling tired) I want something to brighten my appearance up- but I hate looking made up. some lighter cosmetics would be great. 🙂

    • Taking good care of your skin means you can have a bright appearance but put little to no make up on 🙂 Have a go with let the good times roll cleanser or ocean salt scrub

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