Best Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Quotes

My favourite episode of the new season of Orange Is The New Black is Finger In The Dyke (episode 4). Here are my favourite quotes from that episode, pretty much my favourite quotes from the entire series. Its not that spoiler, there are some but it won’t ruin the episode and definitely not the entire season. I find a lot of what was said really universal about identity and being yourself.

Young Boo – You’re aware of how stupid that is, right? That I have to go out and pretend to be something I’m not to make her happy?


Alex – Your wish is my command, princess., Oh, that’d be a fun role-play.

Genie and Aladdin. “Free me from this lamp, street urchin!” No? All right, we’ll work up to it.


(Boo is going to pretend to be a converted lesbian to get money from fundamentalist churches. She’s being helped by a nun and another inmate who gets money from them. They are going through what she should say to them.).

Boo – “As he lieth with woman, they are both committing an abomination, they shall surely be put to death, their blood will be upon them.

” Boom.

Sister – And?

Boo – Leviticus, 24601.

Sister – 23:13, 20. Not Jean Val-jean’s prison number.

Boo – Good catch.

Sister – Thou shalt not make musical references.

Boo – Why not?

Pennsatucky – Because that’s, like, the gayest thing on the planet and even I know that.

Boo – That is an ugly stereotype about gay men. See, everybody knows my people are stage managers, not performers.


Boo – Nobody is talking about conceding my hard-earned position as Lord of the Lesbians.


Boo- Oh, I wish I had some sob story that would explain everything. Well, sorry to disappoint you, sugar. Ain’t no dramatic origin story here. Just a big old dyke who refuses to apologize for it.


(Flash back, Boo with her girlfriend).

GF – Your mom is sick and you’re not gonna go see her? That’s not normal.
Boo – You’re right, I’m not normal.
I’m queer. [gasps] Wait, did you not know we were lesbos? My bad, I should have told you.
You must have been very confused.


(Flash back to Boo at a hospital to visit her dying mother. Her father sees her outside the hospital room and wants her to change her clothes).

Boo – I have been her daughter for 42 years.

Now don’t you think she could have taken some of that time to work on accepting me for who I am, rather than mourning every fucking thing that I am not?

Boo’s Father – I understand that whatever this is, is important to you, but it’s a costume, that’s all.

The rest of us, we get up, put on a suit and a tie, we go to work.

You think that’s how I wanted to dress five days a week? No, of course not.

But no one gets the privilege of being themselves all the time, Carrie.

No one.

Now, if you want to go in there and upset her, I’m not gonna stop you.

But you need to decide whether your costume is worth what it’s costing you.

Boo – I have had to fight for this all my life, Dad.

All my life.

Strangers, girlfriends, fuck, even my own parents all asking me to be something that I am not.

Do you have any idea what that feels like? Like, your whole fucking existence is being denied, like “Whoa, you’d be better off if you were invisible”? Yeah.

I refuse to be invisible, Daddy.

Not for you, not for Mom not for anybody.


Boo – Jesus was a fag. He said, “This is my body, eat me!”


(Boo was dressed very feminine to talk to the fundamentalist Christians. She decided not to go through with it).

Pennsatucky – I’m glad you’re back.

Seeing you like that was scarier than seein’ that dolphin penis at SeaWorld. Around all that water, it looked out of place, you know.

Some ladies just ain’t meant to look lady-like.

Boo – Now, my mother would disagree.

She’d say, “Don’t be a salmon.

Pennsatucky – Is that a vagina thing?

Boo – No. Salmon, they swim upstream against the current.

Pennsatucky – Oh.

Boo – Wish I’d said goodbye to her.


Pennsatucky – you stood up for yourself, and that’s more than I can say.

Boo – No, I just showed them who I really am.

A big, stupid, stubborn pussy-loving dyke.

Pennsatucky – Hey, well, listen, if that’s who you are, then that’s who you are.

And there’s no use in fightin’ it, and if you ain’t gonna fight it, you might as well embrace it, or else you’re living in purgatory.

Boo – Fuck yeah.

Pennsatucky – Here’s to heaven or hell and nothing in between.


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