Exciting Ukulele News!!! New Channel

Hi my lovely friends 🙂

SoOo I have exciting ukulele related news (although all things ukulele rested are exciting). I have been working on a project for uni and it has been going very well. It’s a youtube channel where I write and play songs on the ukulele inspired by films and TV shows, or covers of music from films/TV shows.

I’m really proud of the work I have done, I’ve learnt to video edit, recorded some of my own sound and most importantly am finally writing music again and singing in a public forum. I was trained as a singer, and started my degree in music but after a hard mental health time I walked away from it. It’s lovely to be doing it again but on my terms, performing what I want and in an environment I feel comfortable in.

It would be lovely if you checked out my youtube channel HERE and like/comment/subscribe if you want to.

I also have a blog HERE dedicated to the channel.

Your interest and support in this project would mean a lot to me.

Here are some of my favorite videos I’ve made (I love them all though). If you follow me due to discussing mental health I wrote a but of the girl interrupted song based on my own experiences with borderline personality disorder. You can see the video below, and a vlog I did about writing it HERE


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