I find this incredibly funny …. Ellen Page on SNL.

I remember seeing this video ages ago. I watched it a few days ago because I was reading THIS great article. The article gives context of where this skit came from:

idle talk about her sexuality trailed her, too, and grew only louder on Feb. 24, 2008. That was the night that her power-lesbian publicist sat next to her on her big Oscar night, where she’d wind up losing to MarionCotillard, the star of La Vie en Rose.

It was gossip warhorse MichaelMusto who, five days after the ceremony, first floated the question of Page’s sexuality in a Village Voice column titled, “Ellen Page: Is She or Isn’t She?” In the same article, Musto wondered whether she’d attended the ceremony “with her mother” — certainly the most efficient way to land a lifetime position atop Bush’s shit list. Musto later wrote a follow-up in which he took a measure of sadistic delight in recounting an angry phone call from Bush, in which he described the publicist sounding “as if her cat had just gotten stuck in a drainpipe or something.” (Bush denies ever having raised her voice during the conversation.)

Page’s fears about celebrity media had been confirmed.

But rather than deny or ignore Musto’s tauntings, Page played right into them, participating two days later in a Saturday Night Live sketch as an earnest young woman who’d returned overjoyed from a MelissaEtheridge concert. The part, written by veteran SNL writer PaulaPell (herself gay), had Page gushing to her unfazed boyfriend, played by AndySamberg, about all the lesbian wonders she experienced at the event. “They were kind of like, ‘Are you … OK with this?’ And I was like, ‘Yeah!’ ” says Page. If there was any backlash, Page never felt it: “Sometimes I think when you’re like, ‘Hey, I don’t give a shit,’ that’s the moment where people don’t give a shit.”

I remember the last time I saw this laughing my ass off at the line ‘Why does everything have to have a freaking label? Can’t I just hug a woman with my legs in friendship’? I think it was quite some time ago. With the power of hindsight so much about me is explained.


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