Abuse, threats and harassments, because of video games. Please Read.

I am very tired. And very sad.

Two women who’s content I very much enjoy have been targeted on mass in the last few days. Some terrible things have gone down in the video game industry, Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist video game critic, had to leave her home due to rape and death threats. Zoe Quinn, a game developer who made a game called ‘Depression Quest‘ about what it is like to experience depression is being discredited and ‘slut shamed’ all for things that did not actually happen. Look into there work and there games, they are talented women who don’t deserve this.

I’m going to link some articles as it is explained better than I could. I need to get this out there now while this is happening and we can use our voices and show support.

My Review of Depression Quest

Part 1

Part 2

Letter To A Young Male Gamer

Each New That Anita Sarkeesian Posts Is A Sign That The Bullies Are Losing

It is thought the threats to Sarkeesian may have been even more brutal currently as her most recent episode was noticed by people in the industry, including Joss Whedon. I have included her latest video.



Angry Feministing About Movies and Stuff

This is possibly going to make me sound like an angry feminist but I don’t really care. I just read an article recommending 5 short sci-fi films. It linked them and gave thoughts about them. They were all pretty good films, some I did not really like the story line of but clearly a lot of effort had gone into a small budget. As I watched I got more and more annoyed until the last film really hit home the anger. Why? None of these films stared women. In fact only 2 had women in (to my memory). In one of them, a women was only in the film to be an object of desire. None of the plots of these films meant they HAD to have men staring in them. Women being represented in films is not a new problem but I always put it down to big companies not wanting to step out side there comfort zone, or using the same list of names they had always had. But these are small, indie movies, why is it not different? I think we as a society do not see women as interesting enough to hold a story. If they are the lead they must be showing strength against adversity, battling ‘weakness’, or looking for love. They can’t just ‘do stuff’ like men can. Would a woman being the lead in any of these films made a difference, no, so why not make a woman a lead then!

The last film, which was when I really got kind of angry, was about new parents, while driving franticly you see the mother has become a zombie. The infants farther carries her to a safe place … more stuff happens …. its good so I won’t spoil it. But the sterotype that women are the care givers, and nurturers is taken away here (something we would usually want) and given to a male lead so he can make a sacrifice for his daughter. This role is taken away from the mother and given to the father because apparently they can’t handle a woman being that bad ass. If we have to suffer the negative consequences of sterotyping couldn’t we at least keep them for a movie so we can do the good stuff, like save our child during a zombie apocalypse.

Don’t get me started on the implications of ‘trying to fix women to get them to love you’ in the first film … thats a whole new post.

So yeah rant over here’s the link 

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