Youtube conversation about feminism part 2 – (In which I become the closest I ever have to being rude to someone online)

 Previous youtube conversation continued, what an actually feminist says about feminism. I tried to be as patient, rational and civil as I could. 

person 1 – Ok answer this if they don’t believe in being above men and they want total equality why do they only mention the issues that “favour men” and none ever mention issues that favour women such as women getting lesser sentences than men for the same crimes, women having a higher chance of getting custody of children, women being able to go into some night clubs for free, women getting wined and dined by men. I could go on 

me – ok this is really the last time I am going to say this. Feminism can, depending on who you are talking to and what kind of activism they focus on, primarily focus on issues to do with the oppression of women, as feminism can focus on women, not much does and this is something important that does. However, an example of feminism fighting something that actually shows women in a negative light can be given in this example. I was watching a video of what would you do (you can find it on youtube) a man getting angry and physical with his girlfriend in a park, many people stopped to protect her. The reverse people did not stop or cheered assuming the guy deserved it. This is due to the perception of gender projected by society. If women were not seen as weak, and violence and abuse from them would be seen as just as much as a threat as it would be from men, and this sort of thing would not happen. Feminisim wants to break down gender roles and stop women being seen as weak. If this happened women abusing men would be taken more seriously, as it should. I really can’t stress anymore what this movement is about and I don’t want to spend anymore time on it as it is research you could easily do yourself. 

Person 1 – Women are not seen as weak, they are weak compared to men that is. Just accept that and move on. A guy is more likely to inflict pain or knock another guy out than a woman is likely to do it to a man. So yes women are weak. You feminists just wish you could be as strong as men don’t you, well sorry nothing you do about that 

me – you really can’t have it both ways. while women don’t have the same physical strength of course they have the same capacity to harm and abuse men, which should be stopped and would be helped by female violence not being diminished, which is down to gender roles. I’m unfollowing this discussion now, because as fun as debate and trying to inform people is , and trying to see another point of view, your not trying to understand what i’m saying, not trying to research any of it or debate it with actual fact as opposed to opinions. I hope that you are a young man, because as you grow you will learn more about women and have more women impact your life, and maybe listen to older men who support the women in there lives. If you are an older man who isn’t intellectual enough to consider the thoughts and realities of a very large movement and accept there are injustices to women with out ALWAYS having to hit back saying ‘but men have …’ then i’m afraid its probably to late to change your views, which as the world changes will end up with you being that person who says  something inappropriate at a party and no one knowing what to say or wanting to invite you back. 


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