My first ASMR Video

Hi there

So I have mentioned ASMR in the past, if you are not sure what it is I explain it in THIS blog. This video looks at Harry Potter merchandise and has a reading from Tales of Beadle The Bard. I have identified things I can improve.

– I talk and tap on objects to fast

– I need to spend longer on objects and cram less into one video
– I need better lighting
– I need to say ‘er’ less.
– I say the same words often.

I have ideas for 3 more videos. A relaxing whispered let’s play of the game Proteus (you walk through colourful meadows), another Tales of Beadle The Bard reading with a few more Harry Potter products and Cat Reacts To ASMR. This will be me producing ASMR triggers by my cat and seeing what he thinks of them, he also purrs very loudly which I think will add to it. I have tested it out and his reactions are great.

I hope you enjoy my video and that you follow future videos.


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