Something Controversial For Thursday

Today I was in the situation where I needed to explain why white people cannot say the n-word. Although knew about the history of the word, and that it would be offensive, I was unsure how to explain it. It just seemed like something you didn’t do unless you were trying to piss everyone off or be ‘that guy’ kind of cool. So I did some youtube research and found this video. It’s really straightened some things out for me. At the end of the video the guy says he doesn’t get why you shouldn’t say things are ‘gay’ but he knows it upsets people so he doesn’t do it, and at a very base level that is how you should treat the n-word. But I felt the video helped me understand a deeper meaning than ‘I just don’t want to be disrespectful/offensive/piss people off’, which is good but its even better to really understand why.

UPDATE I found this video which makes the same points and adds others


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