One poem, two soundtracks, which one should I make a film?

Hello again!

I wrote this poem called ‘The End’ and would like to make a video for it like I did with What Is Life? But don’t know which version to pick. Same poem, different soundtracks behind them. Would love some advice/opinions.

Version 1

Version 2



Bigger On The Inside – Amanda Palmer

This song needs to be shared. AFP explains why she wrote it, if you want to skip to where it starts go to 2.20

You’d think I’d shot their children
From the way that they are talking
And there’s no point in responding
‘Cause it will not make them stop.

And I am tired of explaining
And of seeing so much hating
In the very same safe havens
Where I used to just see helping

I’ve been drunk and skipping dinner
Eating skin from off my fingers
And I tried to call my brother
But he no longer exists

I keep forgetting to remember
That he would have been much prouder
If he saw me shake these insults off
Instead of getting bitter

I am bigger on the inside
But you have to come inside to see me
Otherwise you’re only hating
Other people’s low-res copies

You’d think I’d learn my lesson
From the way they keep on testing
My capacity for pain
And my resolve to not get violent

But though my skin is thickened
Certain spots can still be got in
It is typically human of me
Thinking I am different

To friends hooked up to hospital machines
Two kinds of cancer
And there is no better place than from this
Waiting room to answer

The French kid who wrote an e-mail
To the website late last night
His father raped him and he’s scared
He asked me “How do you keep fighting?”

And the truth is I don’t know
I think it’s funny that he asked me
‘Cause I don’t feel like a fighter lately
I am too unhappy

You are bigger on the inside
But you’re father cannot see
You need to tell someone, be strong
And somewhere some dumb rockstar truly loves you.

You’d think I’d get perspective
From my few years by the bedside
It is difficult to see the ones I love
So close to death

All their infections and procedures
And the will to live at all in question
Can I not accept that my own problems
Are so small?

You took my hand when you woke up
I had been crying in the darkness
We all die alone but I am so, so glad
That you are here

You whispered “We are so much bigger on the inside,
You, me, everybody
Some day when you’re lying where I am
You’ll finally get it truly”

We are so much bigger
Than another one can ever see
Trying is the point of life
So don’t stop trying

Promise me.


Something Controversial For Thursday

Today I was in the situation where I needed to explain why white people cannot say the n-word. Although knew about the history of the word, and that it would be offensive, I was unsure how to explain it. It just seemed like something you didn’t do unless you were trying to piss everyone off or be ‘that guy’ kind of cool. So I did some youtube research and found this video. It’s really straightened some things out for me. At the end of the video the guy says he doesn’t get why you shouldn’t say things are ‘gay’ but he knows it upsets people so he doesn’t do it, and at a very base level that is how you should treat the n-word. But I felt the video helped me understand a deeper meaning than ‘I just don’t want to be disrespectful/offensive/piss people off’, which is good but its even better to really understand why.

UPDATE I found this video which makes the same points and adds others