Marina Abramović

This blog one I wrote for Linked Theatre Company.

While researching Pina Bausch and her performance style as well as from discussion in class I came across Marina Abramović. Here performances are inspirational, and even if we as a company cannot produce such extreme work due to constraints, I think the mentality and effort behind her work is something we can learn from.

In this video we see a moment from ‘The Artist Is present’ where Abramović shares a moment with her former partner. The idea of inviting people to sit and look at her is an interesting exploration of the way people to relate to each other and shows how little you have to do to create a performance.

In the above Marina and Ulay talk about there work, split, and there walk across the Great Wall of China that they used to say goodbye to each other.

Silent discos use wireless head phones to give everyone the experience of being at a club but if you take of your head phones all you hear is the thumping of people dance. I assume Marina Abramovic is using similar technology at the silent party although what is in the headphones is not clear. I am unsure of the meaning of the art piece but I found it interesting and serene to watch.


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