Thank You and Stuff

Hi there

I just wanted to say thank you so so much for following me. I know to some people the amount of followers I have may seem small, but to me it is very encouraging. It’s nice to know that when I write that people are getting the opportunity to see it and are interested. I have been a bit busy recently but I hope to post more.

Also I am happy to announce that –

1. I am losing weight 😀 (slowly but surely)

and more importantly

2. I have a JOB

Yep, this vegetarian has been hired at KFC and I can’t wait to start.

I would like to ask that if you enjoy theatre or feel like giving me some support could you follow the blog of a theatre company I am in for university? We have some pretty interesting things to come, including a pretty avant-garde short film. It would mean a lot to me and would show our tutor that we have genuine interest from the public. You can find us HERE.

Thanks so much for everything.

Rhisify xxx


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