Update and Stuff

So I am supposed to be in my creative activism class, a module that I have some videos for posted on here. And instead I’m sitting alone waiting for an over running Dr’s appointment. They have been up to half an hour late with me before. My famous last words were along the lines of

‘It’s on campus so i’ll be in and out’. Yeah, thats not going to happen.

I’m seeing a Dr because I am struggling to breathe, which has been … fun. This is pretty much why I haven’t been posting recently as well as being quite busy. I went to a very small comic convention in bath where are saw what I shall describe as an ‘original’ puppet show and bought a scrunchie with the tardis on. Have been feeling rather down on myself recently, like a lost teenager, except I’m 22. I hate all this repeating shit, I’m repeating my second year at uni. It sort of feel like I’m the old downer who won’t go away and or an older sister that keeps trying to hang around with her sibling to prove she’s cool. I feel WAY more developed than second year, but unfortunately thats what I am.

I could potential go out clubbing tonight, but I want to drag my friend who for purposes of this blog I shall call Bear out with me. Not like Bear as in ‘gay man’ more Bear as in ‘big and cuddly in a bear like way’.



Just went in to Dr’s and apparently need to be on an inhaler for a short time. Because I’m not enough of a nerd already. Come back to class to discover my tutor talking about the nature of power. I prefer it here.


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