ASMR … Give it a go!

Hello there.

I have had little time to write, due to uni and life. Neither of those things are interesting so I want to talk about ASMR.

ASMR stands for ‘Autonomous sensory meridian response’. Wikipedia says ‘(ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli. The nature and classification of the ASMR phenomenon is controversial. Tom Stafford, a professor at the University of Sheffield, says, “It might well be a real thing, but it’s inherently difficult to research.” ‘

I would explain ASMR as a series of relaxing noises, speech patterns and general sound triggers that cause a nice feeling, I think most people experience it when having there hair brushed by someone else.

Triggers include –


Crinkling of wrapping

Tapping (on things like plastic)

Hair Brushing

Positive Affirmation (people saying nice things)

Lip Smacking

Gum Chewing (I hate that one)

General Relaxing Music/Sounds (like the ones you get on CDS)

Unfamiliar accents or speech patterns

Not all of these work for everyone and there are different ways of delivering ASMR. Most commonly I have found going through objects and examining them, specialised videos for one noise or role-play. No it’s not rude.

ASMR role-play is my favourite kind, normally at a spa or something. It gives you the feeling of having been to one without going. I am at the point where I listen to ASMR videos every night to sleep, I find them very relaxing and a good way to take time for yourself.

My favourite ASMR artist on youtube is TheOneLilium. Her videos can differ a lot from each other and some can be experimental so I recommend you start with the following –

‘Think Pink’ is a video of triggers

A visualisation

This is my favourite ASMR video of all time

If role-play or spa’s are not your thing she has plenty of other videos as well as other artists. Although I don’t think this video is full of triggers it is very unique

Other Artist I recommend are ASMRrequests, Hailey WhisperingRose, WhispersUnicorn, Ephemeral Rift



Things people don’t tell you about moving into your own place and stuff

I recently moved into a flat in bath. On the surface it looked awesome, nice and big, good location and great housemates for company. These things are all still true but there was a lot of other things I didn’t know about.

1. You HAVE to start understanding bills

When you were the foolish one to sort out the electricity bill you are now responsible for paying it, by a deadline. I had never given a thought to what a ‘tariff ‘ meant and with my first call to EDF letting them know we were now tenants they were trying to get me to choose one. I originally tried to sort things through there online live chat, which was ok. I laughed a lot because at the end of the conversation the guy I was talking to said ‘the pleasure was entirely mine’ which is … creepy. When I called them I was put on hold for ten minutes, listening to the following on loop –

Also you have to get a metre reading, which in theory sounds simple. In practise it requires calling my Land Lord as it’s in the basement flat’s kitchen. I also sent my other housemate to get it because I was busy with a washing machine emergency. She came back with a bunch of unintelligible numbers that neither of us had explained to us. Yay.

2. There will be things you are not told about

My Land Lord/Lady (they both seem to own/manage the flat block) have cut a few corners. Now I won’t bitch on about this to much. Our shower broke and they fixed it the next day, letting us use the one in the hall in the meantime (the other flat on our floor has their toilet and shower in the hall, I have no idea why). The shower has been holding up. However we have discovered that if you use the hot water in the kitchen while having a shower the shower will be ….. effected. Mine got mysteriously much hotter, my housemates yo-yo-ed up and down, which was completely my fault. There have been so many surprises that I’ll sum them up in a list –

* The toilet is very loud and makes noises for 5 mins after used (it shares my wall).

* There is only so much hot water we can use in the kitchen at once.

* There are lots of flies …. I don’t know how to get rid of them.

* Our washing machine must be in the bathroom due to a water pipe. Our bathroom has no plug sockets no every time we want to use it we have to run an extension cable through the bathroom to the hall.

*There are very few plug sockets in general.

* The oven has come strait from hell (it’s very very hot).

I’ve probably missed some. I know a Land Lord can’t go ‘I hope you like this flat but please be aware of ALL these problems’ but some sort of heads up would have been nice.

3. It is not living in halls

When I lived in halls at university if you lost your keys or left them inside you could always get let in, any day or time. Toilet roll would appear once a week in the bathrooms, and our kitchen would get swept and cleaned.


Our current situation has one of us with lost keys (we got spares cut), a dirty kitchen and our last toilet roll with no discussion of buying more.

4. Habits

Before I start this one I am SURE I have some quirks that my housemates would rather not be there. I can come back at early hours of the morning, then stumble around the kitchen, then decide to play music (quietly). This could be considered annoying. Things that you found endearing become less so or things you never knew about the people you are living with come to light. I won’t go into much here because this blog is pretty public and I LOVE my housemates, and I’m very lucky to have them.

5. You ended up hanging out with your housemates friends/other halves/parents

This is by no way a problem in my situation. My boyfriend and my housemates boyfriend used know each other quite well as my other half used to go to our uni, and I know her boyfriend/friends well to. But I guess if you are randomly put into independent housing in your first year, that could be awkward.



Update and Stuff

So I am supposed to be in my creative activism class, a module that I have some videos for posted on here. And instead I’m sitting alone waiting for an over running Dr’s appointment. They have been up to half an hour late with me before. My famous last words were along the lines of

‘It’s on campus so i’ll be in and out’. Yeah, thats not going to happen.

I’m seeing a Dr because I am struggling to breathe, which has been … fun. This is pretty much why I haven’t been posting recently as well as being quite busy. I went to a very small comic convention in bath where are saw what I shall describe as an ‘original’ puppet show and bought a scrunchie with the tardis on. Have been feeling rather down on myself recently, like a lost teenager, except I’m 22. I hate all this repeating shit, I’m repeating my second year at uni. It sort of feel like I’m the old downer who won’t go away and or an older sister that keeps trying to hang around with her sibling to prove she’s cool. I feel WAY more developed than second year, but unfortunately thats what I am.

I could potential go out clubbing tonight, but I want to drag my friend who for purposes of this blog I shall call Bear out with me. Not like Bear as in ‘gay man’ more Bear as in ‘big and cuddly in a bear like way’.



Just went in to Dr’s and apparently need to be on an inhaler for a short time. Because I’m not enough of a nerd already. Come back to class to discover my tutor talking about the nature of power. I prefer it here.