Considering taking performance poetry

A very tired and late stab at performance poetry. I am considering taking a module at uni … thoughts?

you look in the mirror

and your not shaw what beauties and whats make up

is the dead or dying hair an endearing sign of a wild life or are you just not trying hard enough to preen and press, and paint and dress and cover and pinch and elevate.

and we all do all this,

all the floss and the lip glossing and foundation, eye liner, face primer, is promised in the make up ad revaluation to make you look sleek and firmer, so you can find a partner, but then you find a partner

you got to trim

and press

squeeze and


and put your self in lace and push up your breast

and say, I say no, I won’t

your left alone

Left trying harder

more waxing

and painting



we’re not deserving of hating ourselves

we’re not deserving of being hungry

or of being food for a beauty industry

that still value us as clients,

if we choose an open casket

and ask for a last makeover


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