Writing Context

Yeah I just posted Sleeping and Blue Night/Mirror both things I wrote for my uni portfolio last year. My writing develops in bursts. I write rarely and when I do I would like to consider what comes out as the finished product is pretty good. I know you are supposed to write ALLLL the time, but I just don’t, thats not how I roll and I’m doing well with my degree and don’t intend on being a writer so if its working I think its ok to stick with it (if it ain’t broke don’t fix it).

I can’t give you much context for these pieces except parts are real, some fantasy, some of what I wish could have been and some just a wild imagination.

Something I can say about Blue Night / Mirror is that I wrote the story then went ‘hey that song from spring awakening really fits this’. The song Bewitched was genuinely involved in the events that inspired this. I like to have a song in mind when I write. I really work in music.


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