Busy Times, Cuddly Toys and Stuff

Hi, sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to.

I went to see Othello at the National Theatre the other day and made a Vlog on the rooftop garden of the Southbank Centre. Im struggling to upload it from my phone and I can’t find the cable that connects phone to the computer, once I find that piece of magic you will have a great view of london.

I have been applying for lots of jobs including –

Mode In Pella 

Mc Donalds 

A catering company 

Slug and lettuce 


Build a bear




Pizza hut

Although I like all those places I would like to work at Build a Bear so so much! Imagine seeing all the happy children with there new inanimate friends 😀 I used to love my teddies so much when I was a kid, they all had such strong personalities in my mind, and unfortunately for my parents I would see them in a shop, a certain one, even if there were loads of that type, and think they were lonely and needed a home. I had lots of cuddly toys as a kid.

I bought a cuddly toy before I started Uni with my housemate in bath. We were out shopping, and looking in a charity shop when I saw this really ugly cuddly toy. I started mocking it, it was a really oversized rabbit with a massive body and bum, a small head and long straggly hair. After saying how horrible it was for a while I decided I had to leave with it, saying ‘I needed a door stop’. We got on rather well, as I walked down the street back to the bus stop with my housemate, she got a few phone calls, so I chatted to the rabbit instead, finding I was able to hold him easily almost like a glove puppet. I used him as a door stop for bit, then he got promoted to the end of my bed, because he weight and size by my feet reminded me of the dog. Then I grew to love him and named him ‘Fat Rabbit’. I now cuddle him in my hard times and laugh with him in my good times.

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