Why I shouldn’t drink red wine and stuff

So. The joys of booze. I’m not going to lie, it’s been a problem for me in the past. I’m much better now (the last picture of  this blog is staged ….. just incase you saw it and though I was really drinking wine out the bottle). Liking alcohol is lovely. It’s a great thing in life. Liking it too much is not. I aim to never have to give it up, not because I would miss it, but having to give it up because you had so much of a problem with it is an extreme measure. I’d prefer just to be able to drink a healthy amount. Not judging those who have, you gotta of what you gotta do.

So here abounds a list of shit that happened when I drink Red Wine, one of the few drinks I actually like that gets me slayed. Luckily I can’t drink that much of it.

So here are 5 reasons why I shouldn’t drink Red Wine


It makes me want to smoke …. a lot. I think thats because of Black Books…


EVERYTHING else tastes of red wine.


I start to feel sick.


I have been sick off Red Wine on one occasion after drinking a really awful bottle of weatherspoons finest (called ‘Private Bin’ for a reason). It came out pink. Only been able  to have a few glasses in one evening after that.


Despite the above I drink it anyway.

Some times that lovely stuff is just the only answer. You get home after ‘whatever’ has happened and like drinks go with a meal it’s like ‘This brand of heart break calls for a fruity white’ or ‘todays stress, mixed with overwhelming heat call for a lager’. They are simply the logical conclusion.

Is that sad?

I don’t know.

I’m going to finish my drink in the garden with a fag … looking up at the stars.


2 thoughts on “Why I shouldn’t drink red wine and stuff

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