Multiple Blog-gasams and Stuff

I have been working on a second blog today for a shopping site a family is launching. It’s really useful as it’s giving me a crash course in how to use wordpress. You can check it out HERE. Any feedback is welcome, some stuff is a bit clunky because I don’t know how to do it yet or I don’t have content for the page. We may not even use it but it’s just been handy to help get to grips with this site. Also if you are interested in the shopping site the blog is linked to an old website, a new one will be linked when it’s ready (i’ll let you know).

I’ve also got one on the back burner about movie’s and TV shows. I wasn’t going to bother with it but I think I came up with such a cracking name I’ve just have to.

So …..  from no blogs to 3. I feel boss.


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