‘In the business’ and stuff

English: David Sedaris at WBUR studios in June...

English: David Sedaris at WBUR studios in June 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘In the business’ and stuff

David Sedaris is a cracking writer. I discovered him through the BBC series ‘Meet David Sedaris’ which is currently on BBC iplayer. I was listening to the end of ‘Another case of Milton Jones’ very late at night, to help me sleep. Much to the annoyance of anyone sharing a bed/room with me this is a must to sleep at night. When it finished and ran into the next program (iplayer rarely edit what you are listening to properly) I found I really couldn’t sleep, because I kept hearing this odd American accent saying really funny shit, which was making me laugh out loud, which makes it hard to sleep.

His books cover stories from his childhood to present day, about him, his family and his boyfriend. He’s lived a life I can identify with and I like hearing him read (he reads his audiobooks himself) as there is no tone of shame for things he has done that I myself have done similar things to and am still coming to terms with. He’s proud, I can be to.

I recommend you listen to his audiobooks so you get his tone, but reading the physical books will bring you joy as well.

One of my favorite stories of his is from ‘Me Talk Pretty One Day’ about his friend who is trying to work out if another guy he knows fancies him. He asks David and his boyfriend because he knows they are ‘in the business’.

Also check this out, the story of how David learnt the Netherlands version of the Christmas story.


Many of David’s readings can be found on youtube. I recommend you buy them, but I guess youtube is better than not hearing his work at all!

I like that David Sedaris is ‘In the business’. His writing doesn’t really make a big deal of him being gay, his sexuality comes up with the same weight as i’d say it would in anyone’s memoirs. What I mean is he isn’t writing them as a GAY man, he’s just being him. And I think that makes the whole thing even more awesome.


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